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Lots of times there are common issues with computers that can be easily solved with simple troubleshooting steps. On this page we hope to answer a lot of your questions so that you can save time fixing your problems and use that time to be more productive.

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 Question:  I cannot get on the internet, what do I do?
 Answer : Power Cycles

How do I change the size of my picture on my screen?
 Answer: Resize Screen

: My Avast software tells me my subscription is running out. What do I do?
Answer: Avast Renewel
  1. I don't have a word processing program, or can't open certain files.
    We prefer to use Open Office for any word processing, spreadsheet making, or presentation making purposes. You can download it free here: http://download.openoffice.org/ . For instructions on how to set it up like Microsoft Office, please read below: Once you have downloaded and installed Open Office, click on the Open Office.org 3.X icon on the desktop to get to the main dashboard, you can choose the type of document you want to work with, word, spreadsheet, database, presentation. Choose writer/word. Once it opens go to Tools, then Options. Under the OpenOffice.org section look for View, and click on it. Change Icon Size to Large, and Style to Tango. (just our preference, not needed really) Then click on the plus sign to the left of Load/Save option. Next click on the General section. On the right you will see 2 sections for Document type, then Always save as. You need to select Microsoft Word 97/2000/XP as the option for Always save as, for Text Document, Spreadsheets, and Presentation. Next click on Microsoft Office section. (2 below General) Make sure there are check marks in all 4 boxes, in both of the 2 columns. (8 total check marks) Click on OK at the bottom of the window. Use Open Office like it was Microsoft Office, but without the headaches.
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  2. Should I upgrade my operating system to Windows 7?
    If you are using Windows XP on a machine, laptop or desktop, that has a single core processor, you should not upgrade. Windows XP is more than suitable for these machines. If you have a Dual Core or higher processor and at least 2 GB (gigabytes) of memory, then you can think about upgrading. There are visual, and productivity benefits to Windows 7 but it is quite a bit different in layout than XP, so if you are not fond of change, or learning something new, you may want to hold off on going to Windows 7. Another consideration is software you use, and it's compatibility with Windows 7. If you have any questions, call or write the company that owns the software you use, and ask if it will still work with Windows 7.
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  3. Why should I buy a custom built Raven Computer instead of a Big Brand computer?
    Good question, and easy answer. Our main business is sales and service, but with no commission to our employees, and only employees that know computers and are good at working on them. Other places hire whomever and train them to sell. When you buy from us you get personalized attention, where we provide you options, and solutions to problems, aside from just saying "It's broke, buy a new one." We also hand pick parts for our machines to ensure that you get the highest quality parts for your money. The big box pc's get whatever was cheapest at the time, which is no way to please the consumer, as it will surely break before it's time. We also support you after the sale better than the others. This is done by phone, email, Skype/Oovoo, or a remote log-in for support. There is no other place that offers such comprehensive support, and that is why we have such loyal customers.
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