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Picasa Tutorials 
 Most people have digital pictures that they need to sort, edit, and publish either to a website or onto a cd. 
We have found that the best free software to handle these tasks is Google's Picasa. 
For more info on this product or to download it, click HERE.

For those that don't know how to work within Picasa we have created this tutorial. 
Please email us with suggestions or questions to add to this page. info@ravencomputers.com

Picasa Tutorial Index: 

1. How to import pictures from a scanner with Picasa. 

2. How to connect Picasa to Gmail Web Albums. 

3. How to use the Face Recognition portion of Picasa. 

 How to scan documents with Picasa


  1. Open Picasa.
  2. Insert picture into scanner tray, it goes in upside down. (The top of the picture will touch the right side of the scanning bed/tray, facing towards the wall on your right.  
  3. Click on “Import” button on top left menu bar of Picasa.
  4. Click on the “Select Device” button, and a drop down menu will appear.
  5. Click on “HP Photosmart 5200 TWAIN” (TWAIN is a geek term for the scanner)
  6. A preview will pop up in a new window which we will call the “Scanning Window”.
  7. Click on “Accept” in the scanning window and it will move to a new screen.
  8. Click on the “Import Selected” button.
  9. On the first line where it says “Enter a folder name for these photos:”, type “Scanned Photos”.
  10. When asked on the next “Location where these photos will be saved:” make sure it says “My Pictures\Scanned Photos”, if not, use the browse button to navigate to and select the “My Pictures” folder.
  11. Once you see “My Pictures\Scanned Photos” in the second line you can go to the bottom of that window and click “Finish”.
  12. You will be taken back to the Main Picasa page.
  13. If the new scanned picture shows up in it’s own folder you can click and hold the left mouse button on it and drag it down into the Scanned Photos folder with the rest of them.
  14. It will ask you to Skip, Rename, or Cancel, as there is another file with that name in the folder, click on “Rename”
  15. You can rename the photos by using My Computer and going into your My Documents/My Pictures/Scanned Photos folder, then right click on the picture then select the “rename” option. Type in the new name then hit “enter”.
  16. Once this is done you can restart these steps to scan a new picture. 

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