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Tutorials Thunderbird 
 We at Raven Computers know that our customers sometimes want to keep copies of their emails on their computers. In order to do this easily you need a program called an email client. There are various programs available including Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail, Mac Mail, AOL Desktop, and Mozilla Thunderbird. All but Microsoft Outlook are free. We would like to discuss on this page one of our preferred email clients, Mozilla Thunderbird. For more info on this program click HERE.

 If you would like to have a signature at the end of every email, you can set one or multiple signatures up in Thunderbird and choose them when it is appropriate. Next we will explain how to set up a standard signature, then an HTML signature. 

Setting up a standard signature in Thunderbird: 

1. Have an email account set up already in Thunderbird. 
2. Click on Tools.
3. Click on Account Settings
4. Click on youremail@youraddress.com (click on the account you set up.)
5. Halfway down there is a box to type in a signature. You may replace or update it at any time.
6. Make sure that there is no checkmark in the box "Use HTML".
7. When done, click on OK below.
8. Send mail with new signature.

Setting up an HTML signature in Thunderbird

1. Open up a word processing program or webpage creating program. (Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, Dreamweaver, etc.)
2. Using HTML formatting, create a signature block. 
3. Save the file as an .html file, somewhere that is easy to remember. 
4. Open Thunderbird. 
5. Click on Tools.
6. Click on Account Settings
7. Click on youremail@youraddress.com (click on the account you set up.)
8. Halfway down there is a box to check that says "attach the signature from a file instead. (text, html, image)
9. Then click on the "Choose" button. 
10. Navigate to the folder where your signature file was saved, then left click on the file and then left click on "Open". 
9. When done, click on OK below.
10. Send mail with new signature.

Creating Folders in Thunderbird

1. Right click on the "youremail@yourprovider.net" (the folder with your email account name)
2. Left click on "new subfolder"
3. Name the folder accordingly. Either name it based on the sender, or the content, whichever you prefer. (i do sender)
4. Click on "Create Folder"
5. Instead of manually moving emails into these folders, which you can do by dragging them from the inbox to the folder, you can create message filters which automatically move messages into certain folders based on rules. I will explain this process below.

Creating Message Filters in Thunderbird.

1. Click on Tools
2. Click on Message Filters
3. Click New
4. Name the filter, usually the sender, or content of message.
5. Click on the circle next to "match any of the following"
6. Choose "From" in the left box if you want to make a filter based on who the message is from.
    Click into the 3rd box over that is blank, and enter in the email address for the person you want to filter messages for.
7. On the bottom section click on the dropdown for the box that says Local Folders, and choose the new folder you made previously for these messages to be filtered into. (example: ebay folder created, then address is someone@ebay.com, and folder to move to is ebay folder. )
8. Click OK on the bottom.
9. Highlight the newly created filter.
10. Click Run Now on the bottom right.
11. Click OK to exit the filter menu.

Create an "Out of Office" reply in Thunderbird.
  1. Start a new email. Don't put anyone in To:
  2. In subject put Out of Office
  3. Then in the body put your message, whatever it may be.
  4. Example: I will be out of the office from Wednesday June 29th until Tuesday July 5th. If you need immediate assistance please call 608-555-1212.
    Thank you.  
  5. Then go up to File, then Save As, and choose Template.
  6. Next, close the email.
  7. Then in Thunderbird go up to Tools, Message Filters and open that.
  8. Click on New
  9. Make the filter name Out of Office
  10. Click in the box marked "Match any of the following"
  11. In the first dropdown box change subject to "To", and in the last box put in your email address.
  12. In the bottom section where it says "Perform these actions" change "Move Message to" to "Reply with Template"
  13. In the box next to it your template name should show up.
  14. Click OK to save the filter.
  15. When you want to turn it on, click on the box next to the filter name.
  16. Click OK to exit the Filter Rules window.
  17. When someone emails you they will get a reply with that template message.
  18. When you get back in the office you can go to Tools, Message Filters, and uncheck the box next to your Out of Office Filter to turn it off. 

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